Car Shades - How to fit your Car Shades video guides

How easy are car shades to fit

Our Car Shades are available in 2 different sets; The first for all rear windows of your car including the boot, any load-area windows, and the rear passenger doors, or the second option which is for rear passenger doors only.

Both sets are easy to fit at home and are supplied with a detailed set of fitting instructions to help guide you through the process which usually takes about 10 to 15 minutes.

They fit using our patented clips to the frame of your window so the Car Shades are independent of the glass so that the window can still be lowered to allow airflow into the car.

The two main types are clips are the CL-MO clips that come in slightly different sizes e.g. the CL-MO2, and they must all be fitted to the Car Shade first before installing them into your vehicle.

The second types of clips are the MO5, MO9 and M11 clips that again are all similar but are slightly different sizes and must be applied to the trim of your vehicle first before installing your Car Shade.

Please note you will be supplied with the correct amount of clips and your fitting instructions will detail what clips you have in your set and give visual guidance on how to install them.

Top Tip – when installing your Car Shade always make sure the Car Shades label is facing into the car, and use the label as a handle to flex your Car Shade into position if required.

If however, you need a little more help, our handy ‘How to’ videos below should help to give you an extra helping hand.


How to attach CL-MO clips to your Car Shades

How to fit Car Shades with Cl-MO Clips

How to fit Car Shades with the MO5, MO9 and M11 Clips

How to fit your boot Car Shades

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