Car Shades Vauxhall Astra (MK6) 5 door 10-15 Full Rear Set
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Car Shades Vauxhall Astra (MK6) 5 door 10-15 Full Rear Set

by Ian Roughley
Date Added: Friday 26 May, 2017
What a product these screens are!

I needed 100% coverage for my 1 year old for the back-car seat of an Astra J 2014. These screens worked a treat.
The Instructions could be better (most of the clips in the included manual looked the same), and you really donít know which way round the clips go, but you work it out in the end. Just know some are for the right-hand window and some for the left, that must be a common mistake when offering them up to the window in the car.

The results:
I had ill-fitting generic binds at 1st (from a well know UK store that begins with a H and end in tears mostly). I could see strobing sun light across my 1 years old face and strong bursts of sun light when changing direction. I needed a solution for this. I looked on the Vauxhall site but the price was stupid then I found At 1st I thoughtÖare they worth that amount of cash Ö.

Simple answer after I got them was a resounding YES. 100% coverage. A price that in comparison the others is fair. Excellent fit to the car. The bag supplied to carry the shades is very robust and I use it to store other stuff in my car.

What else, well my Astra looks COOL, itís like having black out windows, no one can see in the back. As for cooling properties, I donít know yet, but today being 26/05/2017 itís the hottest day of the year so far.
Before the blinds, it was 28oC outside, in the car 36oC. After blinds (and a spin round to make sure the shades stay in with the back windows down and to cool the car) Outside 29oc, inside 30oc. The car sat for 1 hour each time.

As for reversing, no issues. I can see through no problem. I think some could struggle but itís just getting practice in. For me I had no real restriction to my view apart for it being a little darker than normal.

And no I am not being paid to say this!! Itís a genuine review. These screens need to be out there more, for parents and indeed petís owners that care. Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

Average Customer Review: 5.0 of 5 Stars! [After 3 Reviews]
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