Car Shades - Hyundai i20 5dr 2020> Full Rear Set

Car Shades - Hyundai i20 5dr 2020> Full Rear Set
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What are Car Shades?

Car Shades are vehicle-specific car sun blinds made-to-measure and fit all the rear windows of your Hyundai i20 5dr 2020> perfectly and keep the sun out of precious little eyes and help make car journeys more comfortable for everyone.

This full set comes with 6 Car Shades as part of the set for your Hyundai i20 5dr 2020>. Two to cover each of the rear passenger windows and two for the boot which is supplied in two parts to make it easier to store when not in use.

Why you’ll love them?

On sunny days car journeys can quickly become stressful for everyone if the sun is shining into precious little eyes and the car is getting hotter.

Car Shades leave no dazzling gaps like other shades that fit with suckers and only cover part of the window and they fit to the window frame instead of the glass using our special clips so they don’t fall off. 

But the real winner…you can wind the window down and the shade will stay in place allowing natural air into the car whilst always keeping the bugs.

What’s more, they look great too and provide a cost-effective alternative to window tints, and if you’re not completely satisfied we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Watch our video for more reasons why people love Car Shades.

How do they fit? 

They fit using our unique clips to the frame of your window. To see how easy it is to fit them, watch this 50-second video guide 

For details on how to fit specific types of clips, visit our 'How to Fit' page by clicking here.

Each set comes with a detailed set of instructions specific to your vehicle and in most cases take around 10 minutes to fit at home.

They’re even easier to remove and can be stored in the handy bag that the Car Shades are supplied in.

How will they look in my Hyundai i20 2020>?

Please note: The images shown are sample images from a variety of different vehicles and not necessarily images from this particular vehicle application. 

Summary of key features

  • Tailor-made to the rear windows of your car including the boot
  • Cover all the window not just part of it
  • Fit using clips to the frame of your windows
  • Wind down the rear passenger windows whilst the Car Shades stay up
  • Allow air into the car and keep the bugs out
  • Reduces light into the cabin by 72% compared to tests without Car Shades in place
  • Easy to install at home
  • A cost-effective alternative to window tints
  • Mother & Baby Gold Standard Award Winner
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Can I purchase just the passenger door Car Shades? Yes the Hyundai i20 5dr 2020> is also available as a Rear Passenger Door Set – click here
  • Are these ok to use if I have pets? Yes Car Shades are perfect if travelling with pets and our clips make it difficult for any little paws to get behind the Car Shades
  • What if I have window tints? If you already have window tints then you will already have a reduction of light coming into the car, however Car Shades add even great protection for precious little eyes and when you wind your windows down your tints are no longer applicable, but your Car Shades stay in place to provide protection and allow air into the car
  • Do the tailgate shades impair my vision? As this is a barrier in front of the glass your view is impaired slightly but you are still able to have clear sight through the mesh fabric. The shades are also quick and easy to remove if required, which some customers prefer to do if travelling at night  
  • Can you ship internationally? Yes we do although we have a range of international partners so please click here to see if we have a partner in your country. If you still want to purchase directly from us please select your country from the dropdown during the checkout process for an estimate of shipping costs  
  • Do you make them for the front windows? I am afraid not, we only make them for the rear windows  

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Pricing: 60.82 ex Vat
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Total:    72.98 inc Vat


Please note: The images shown are sample images from a variety of different cars and not necessarily images from this particular vehicle application.

This product is usually delivered in 1 to 2 days